First Article

Hello and Welcome to  This site is about a long time passion project of mine; writing about the psychology of playing FPS games both individually and as a team.  For more than a decade I have been managing and playing on teams for FPS games such as Halo 2 & 3; Battlefield: 2BC & 3; Rainbow Six 3 & Siege; and Overwatch.  During that decade I also acquired two degrees in psychology.  My first degree was a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and my second degree was a Masters of Art in Psychological Research where I conducted research on different cognitive processes.  I don't consider myself a particularly great FPS player and I don't consider myself a great psychological researcher, but I do consider myself to have a decent amount of experience in both.  I want to share this experience and some of the things I have learned both while playing and studying.  Please check back for upcoming articles, feel free to suggest articles in the comment section, and please feel free to share your own experiences and/or test you have performed in regards to improving your FPS skills.